Sand extraction with a remote controlled dredge

Syrian Arab Republic

Sand extraction with a remote controlled dredge

A customer needed to carry out a sand extraction operation in the marshy area of Hanty-Mansiysk, in Siberia. A DRP Dragflow, easy to transport and with excellent performance, proved to be the ideal solution.


The client was an oil company from Tyumen (eastern Siberia) working for Bur-Neftgaz, a unit belonging to Bashneft, one of the most important oil companies in the country. The need was to extract the sand needed to build the foundations of an Oil Rig tower. The problem was to be able to transport equipment at the same time handy and efficient, without the need to use exceptional transport.


A radio-controlled dredge was used, which was space-saving and very easy to transport and install. The DRP was equipped with a high capacity pump EL1204 HC. We have provided small equipment, therefore easily transportable, but with high capacity. An excellent compromise, because it is not easy to reach a swampy area like Hanty -Mansiysk. The Dragflow remote control dredger does not require exceptional transport. The work was done quickly and efficiently.

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