Submersible pumps for bentonite mud

New Zealand

Submersible pumps for bentonite mud

As a leader in submersible sludge pumping, Dragflow was approached for a job at an exploration facility for geothermal power generation.


The main problem is finding the most effective way to pump bentonite mud, geothermal minerals, and sand: a mixture with a high solid content and specific weight. The traditional method with tracks was slow and expensive for the client.


Among the various models of submersible pumps for sludge, we identified the ideal solution: the HY50 hydraulic pump coupled to a 13-ton Caterpillar excavator already on site. The pump has a jet ring to better break up the material. The job was completed in 4 days instead of 2 weeks, saving 70% of the time required for pumping operations.


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