DRM for dredging mine basins


DRM for dredging mine basins

The amphibious dredge was purchased, through our Chilean distributor Jacol, by an important mining partner from northern Chile. The amphibious dredge was to be used in the various basins of an old mine in the Atacama desert.


The project was very demanding because in addition to the usual use of the pump to reprocess the waste accumulated for years in the basins, the customer asked to have a single machine, capable of moving independently between the basins, where the depth of the water did not allow the use of a classic amphibious excavator. Since the water level in the basins itself was extremely variable, the customer wanted an amphibious dredger capable of working with extreme simplicity in all conditions, even with a minimum water level.


The dredge DRM85/160 is equipped with two lateral crawler floats which move it on the ground like a classic land vehicle. On the other hand, the additional central floater ensures the necessary buoyancy in the water, with the stability of a standard dredger.

In addition, the vehicle can also work in mixed conditions, such as mud, soft soils and swampy waters. Just as requested by the customer, the amphibious dredge is not only an excavator capable of working in water, but also a dredger capable of working on any type of soil. The extreme mobility on any type of soil and the perfect floating, allow the amphibian to reach even the most remote places, otherwise impossible to reach with any other dredging vehicle.

The amphibious dredger supplied was equipped with: diesel engine driven by a hydraulic power pack; dredging unit consisting of a HY85/160 pump and two EXHY20 side cutters; jet ring system with high pressure jet to help the pump in drier soil conditions.


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