Amphibious dredge

The DRM is an amphibious dredge equipped with a dredge pump with a discharge diameter of up to 250 mm (10 inches). It is the perfect solution where mobility is crucial, and its adaptability allows it to operate on land and in the water. It is indispensable in projects where it is necessary to optimize resources.

Main characteristics

  1. Thruster for movement in the water.
  2. Possibility of using specific accessories on the arm.
  3. Floating crawlers for earthmoving.

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  • Weight

    53000 kg
  • Draft

    1.5 m
  • Length

    11.5 m
  • Length

    7 m
  • Height

    4.5 m
  • Engine

    Diesel 265 kW
  • Tank

    3500 l