Removing sediment in copper mine


Removing sediment in copper mine

Cobre Panama is one of the biggest copper mines in the world. This complex comprises the Copper Mine, Processing Plant, Power Plant and the International Port of Punta Rincon. Cobre Panama is a large open-pit copper development project. The concession consists of four zones totalling 13,600 hectares.


The challenge was how to access, with a heavy duty agitator submersible slurry pump equipped with cutter heads, the sediments contained in different bodies of water and slurries with different concentration of solids and some of them carrying very little content of humidity. A dredge was the answer but how could a conventional dredge move on dry land, float and navigate on deep water and move through the transition and the “in between” areas with marsh consistencies?


Dragflow proposed the multipurpose amphibious dredge DRM85/180 equipped with a very robust hydraulic slurry agitator pump and two high torque cutter heads EXHY20 that will disaggregate the sediments and convey them to the suction of the impeller of the pump. This unit delivers a slurry with high content of solids at a rate of 460 m³/h. Approximate production of 450 t/h of solids. The pump was also provided with an optional cutter knife to deal with any organic materials, roots, thin branches or weed that may obstruct the strainer during operation.

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