The best equipment for gold dredging

The best equipment for gold dredging

Gold dredging in mining requires dedicated equipment, especially to operate in difficult and complex environments, such as gold dredging in flood deposits.
To optimise the efficiency of mining operations, it is necessary to use the best gold dredging equipment, able to guarantee high precision and maximum reliability, even in demanding application contexts.

How to dredge gold in mining activities

A much-appreciated configuration for gold dredging is the pairing between hydraulic dredging pumps and dredging heads. These are high-performance systems, also perfect for flood environments and river channel operations.
The hydraulic submersible pumps with agitator are versatile, powerful and resistant equipment, perfect for dredging charged and abrasive mixtures, lifting and transporting material up to 70% in solid weight. They are able to cover a very large work area, with High Head and High Capacity versions and a wide range of accessories for custom projects.
Hydraulic submersible pumps can be mounted on excavators, both hydraulic and electric, representing an ideal solution in gold mining to increase solid production and perform dredging work in the presence of particularly compact soils.
The combination with the dredging heads and cutters, on the other hand, makes it possible to dredge sand, gravel and mud more efficiently. The dredging heads can also be customised according to operational needs, adjusting, for example, the number, size and inclination of the teeth.

Dragflow solutions for gold dredging

Dragflow is able to offer customised, efficient and reliable solutions for dredging gold, to carry out all the dredging operations in gold mines in an optimal way, for example the extraction of the gold-bearing gravel, the handling of the waste generated during the separation process, or the dredging of river areas to allow the navigability of the boats.
We provide the best technologies on the market, including state-of-the-art electric and hydraulic submersible pumps, fully customised dredging heads, newly designed dredgers and many essential accessories to simplify dredging in gold mining activities.
Dragflow solutions make it possible to choose the right equipment for every application need, with the support of a team of experienced professionals who can provide assistance and advice for each project, with the certainty of identifying the most suitable dredging units to solve any problem effectively and quickly.

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