Dredging Pumps for Sand and Gravel

Dredging Pumps for Sand and Gravel

Sand and gravel dredging activities are essential in different contexts, including beach remediation, river dredging, port and marine maintenance or in the material extraction sector.
To optimise these operations, special submersible dredging pumps are needed, specifically designed to treat sand and gravel efficiently and safely, taking into account the needs of each application context.

The types of Submersible Pumps for dredging sand and Gravel

Submersible pumps for sand and gravel dredging are able to optimally pump different types of aggregates. In particular, the solid materials are mixed with water to allow suction, pumping the liquid and solid compound towards the discharge zone.
Both electric and hydraulic submersible pumps can be used to carry out this type of operation. Electric submersible pumps offer excellent performance and high resistance, with a low rotation speed and components designed specifically to resist wear due to abrasion.
Hydraulic submersible pumps are ideal in applications that require greater power and versatility, with the possibility of covering a very large working area. They can be mounted on excavators, with different types of compatible accessories such as dredging heads.

Applications of Submersible Pumps for Gravel and Sand

Electric and hydraulic submersible pumps are suitable for the extraction of sand and gravel from river beds and seabeds, and can also be used in the concrete construction sector or in the Oil & Gas sector with the use of Fracking.
They are used for the maintenance of ports to allow accessibility to boats, cleaning the seabed from sediments brought by marine currents and effluents. In these cases, the pumps can be mounted on remote controlled mini-dredgers or cable dredgers.
Submersible electric and hydraulic pumps are used in beach remediation, for the restoration of coasts compromised by erosion or in remediation operations, with the possibility of combining with side excavators or dredging heads when the sand is very compact.
Another use is related to the filling of geotubes with sand or soil, used to counteract coastal erosion caused by storm surges or the stabilisation of slopes. Submersible pumps make it possible to optimise filling cycles and speed up operations, taking advantage of greater control.

Dragflow Solutions for Sand and Gravel Dredging

Dragflow offers a dedicated range of solutions for sand and gravel dredging, starting with the latest generation of electric and hydraulic submersible pumps. These are reliable and efficient machines with exceptional performance, which can handle up to 70% solids by weight and are available in various sizes, capacities, powers and heads.
We also offer complete sand and gravel dredging solutions, including the DRP series radio-controlled dredgers for those who need a small, high-performance dredger. These tools allow you to manage dredging operations remotely, or automate the activity efficiently and safely.
Another option is the DRH series cable dredgers, which can reach anywhere thanks to the ease of assembly. These machines can remove even the most difficult sediments, with complex applications at ports, mining basins and dams, dredging sand and gravel up to a depth of 200 metres.

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