Pump types and applications for heavy-duty applications

Pump types and applications for heavy-duty applications

Heavy dredging work needs suitable pumps, capable of providing high resistance and maximum reliability even in particularly complex and difficult application contexts.
For example, the pumping of solids at high concentrations, high depth operations and in difficult environments for dredging, where state-of-the-art machinery designed specifically to resist wear and offer high performance is needed.

Dragflow solutions for heavy-duty dredging operations

Among the Dragflow solutions for dredging under heavy conditions, which require maximum resistance, there are specific products combined with a wide choice of electric and hydraulic submersible pumps with agitator for charged and abrasive mixtures.
Our submersible electric pumps are also available in an Acid Proof version for high-acidic environments, such as anti-acid pumps made of duplex stainless steel to ensure maximum resistance to abrasion and corrosion.
Dragflow pumps are also available with oversized motors, to handle mixtures up to 70% solid by weight. To deal with the most abrasive and difficult sediments, it is possible to resort to lateral disruptors and dredging heads, both optimal solutions to operate in contexts that require superior performance.
For complex dredging operations in the mining and industrial sectors, you can use our hydraulic submersible pumps, also available in High Head and High Capacity versions, with specific accessories for each application, including electric and hydraulic side excavators, jet rings and dredging heads.
The wide range of Dragflow heavy-duty pumps makes it possible to choose the ideal solution for every activity, from small pumps to benefit from excellent performance and extreme versatility, to medium and large pumps to take advantage of high power and a capacity of up to 4,000 cubic metres per hour with a head of up to 118 metres.

The use of Dragflow pumps for heavy work

All Dragflow submersible pumps are developed to operate efficiently even in difficult work conditions. We offer reliable solutions for industry and construction sites, dredging activities in mining, offshore work at high depths and niche applications in construction.
Dragflow pumps can be used in the settling basins used by the steel industry, as they allow to manage the high density of waste arising from steel processing, or to treat sludge from the paper industry effectively.
With Dragflow electric and hydraulic pumps, it is also possible to manage operations in hazardous environments, thanks to the use of remote control systems for dredging in chemical plants, or thanks to the use of special pumps mounted on an excavator for the pumping of tar sands.
Dragflow pumps and dredgers can be used in mining activities, from the management of abrasive or corrosive solids to the treatment of process sterile waste. They are suitable for construction sites and large construction works, to effectively manage very dense and complex sludge such as bentonite sludge.

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